My Bucket List

This is my Bucket List.

1. Poland: Northern Poland, Bialystok.
2. Latvia: Dobele and their famous lilac garden, Daugavpils, Jelgava.
3. Czech Republic: Kromeriz gardens (UNESCO), Macocha caves, Brno.
4. France: Provence.
5. Germany: Bavarian castles, Neuschwanstein castle.
6. Ukraine: Kiev, the Crimea.
7. Belarus: former Great Duchy of Lithuania castles, Minsk.
8. Christmas market (any place).
9. Italy: carnival of Venice, Chianti wine road.
10. Norway: the fjord tour.
11. Africa: Garden Road, gorilla trekking in Uganda.
12. Austria: Vienna philharmonic summer gala concert, royal palaces.
13. Gotland island.
14. Scotland: Outer Hebrides. 
15. Edinburgh and Bass Rock (for puffins).

To be continued. This section is open for comments.

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