About this Blog

This blog was started because of several reasons. First of all, my native language is not English and I own a travel blog in my own language, Lithuanian, at www.kootvela.blogspot.com . As a result, it can be considered a niche blog with specific audience and the content of the blog is highly targeted at the Lithuanian- speaking audience. I am enjoying keeping such a blog and I feel that there is demand for it. However, I was terribly missing all the interactivity and flow of visitors from all over the world because of language constraints. Hence, the decision to start a travel blog in English. I hope it will not drown in the sea of other travel blogs out there. I have made a decision to start this blog from scratch, so I will not translate the material from my other blog but rather focus on writing new content FROM NOW ON. This blog will focus on my international travel experience and also present things that I will deem worthy about my country, Lithuania.

So far so good. 

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