Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Minaret in Kedainiai, Lithuania

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
I visited Kedainiai, a city in the middle of Lithuania, a few weeks ago. Among its curiosities and sights there is a minaret. There are only two minarets in Lithuania or, rather, just two minarets in Lithuania because the Muslim population isn't big. The one in Kedainiai is a structure in its own right whereas the other one is attached to a mosque in our second largest city of Kaunas. The Kedainiai minaret was erected in 1880 when Lithuania was, after the partition of the Commonwealth of Kingdom of Poland and the Great Duchy of Lithuania, included in the tsarist Russia. They believe this minaret was erected by General Todleben to mark Russian-Turkish war. There's a side story that it might have been done in honour of his mistress which was a Muslim but I don't quite believe it, knowing the high moral standards of Muslim women. You can try finding me in the picture.

Talk about being a tourist in your own country. What's your luckiest find?

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