Friday, June 7, 2013

Tourist in One's Own Land

Friday, June 7, 2013
This is something very peculiar. I used to think that only travel abroad is real quality travel until quite recently I started discovering the beauty of my own country. I did know Lithuania is a beautiful land but I didn't know that there are so many historic places to uncover until I started my travel blog. Travel withing one's own country certainly has advantages.

  • affordable transportation. I use a lot of public transportation within cities and it helps me to get to 8 of 10 places I need to go. 
  • familiar food. This is really important as it waves many if not all chances of food poisoning. 
  • no language barrier (unless in border regions).
  • affordable entrance tickets. 

Travelling within one's own country can be divided into several types.

First of all, exploring your home town. My home town coincided with the capital of my city. There are several historic neighbourhoods of Vilnius to explore.

The noble and sacred Antakalnis with its trademark church of St. Peter and Paul.

Chandelier in St. Peter and Paul's. 
The wooden heritage of Zverynas "the Menagerie".

Wooden architecture.
Then, there are frequent hikes offered by a number of organizations. Most of them are completely free of charge. Expert guides lead groups to explore the beauty of our nature.

Puckoriai viewing platform.
Finding interesting local people and their farms. 

Getting face to face with the local fauna. 
Enjoying beautiful scenery. 
Finally, there are other cities than one's own home town.

The colourful Nida. 
The reconstructed Medininkai Castle.

The picturesque Trakai Island Castle. 
There are disadvantages, too.

  • it's too expensive for local people. I cannot afford to go and spend some time in any of our popular resorts Druskininkai, Palanga or Birstonas. 
  • transport links are poorly developed. Some interesting places have limited transportation because they aren't on the popular tourist trail. Some events don't get extra transport because it's easier to do nothing. 

Have you travelled within your own country? Where did you go? Did you like it?

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