Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adventur Travel Fair in Vilnius, Lithuania

Sunday, February 3, 2013
This is a short report on a travel fair that took place in Vilnius this February. It was called "Adventur" (a title that in its essence isn't a great idea because it's next to impossible to Google it) and I really enjoyed it a lot. The event was divided into three sections: Lithuanian stands, Foreign Guests and Outgoing Tourism stands, Leisure stands, and there was room in each section for talks, meetings and presentations.

First of all, a few moments from the Lithuanian section.

This is me, holding a shell of an ostrich egg on the left and a trainer with an autograph of A. Sabonis, a living legend of basketball.


Well, one does not usually walk about holding either of the two, so I feel I need to explain. There is quite a new project between Lithuania and Latvia in which people create thematic villages. One of them, in Cijonai near Ignalina in Lithuania, is called Birds' Village. They offer different educational activities related to birds. And I had never seen an ostrich egg before. Arvydas Sabonis entered FIBA Hall of Fame in 2010. He played for Lithuania when basketball was an instrument of resistance against the regime we had as part of the former USSR and he has become a living legend.


One of the most colourful and one of the busiest stands was ran by Vilnius tourism information centre. They had several competitions when visitors had to answer questions about Vilnius and they were awarded prizes if their answers were correct. I won a notebook, a pen, and a key-chain. See, I'm smart.


The Lithuanian section was decorated very beautifully with living plants. I especially liked this Japanese garden in the middle of the room. I have a soft spot for Japanese gardens.


This is macrame technique, when things are made using knots. There were several necklaces and brooches on display to show what beautiful things our artists can make.


Lithuanian bath-house culture is something unique. Visitors could experience relaxation therapy based on our traditional methods. The girl on the table has evergreens and leaves on top of her head.

Now let's move onto the Leisure section.


In the section for leisure, there were many shows by different organizations and the visitors could try to experience different sports. In the photo above you can see what is yoga like. No, I didn't try that- too challenging.


No, that I also didn't try. I was too late for the instruction, you see. *Excuses, excuses.*


A heavy-geared kendo show, with face covering, armour and a judge.


A rather short but exciting show by representatives of a capoeira club. I wish I could say that that I did try, but no. Somebody had to be there and take photos, right?

Finally, let's have a look at Foreign Guests and Outgoing Tourism section.


The delegation from Nepal entertained their visitors by demonstrating traditional dance and costume as well as mandala demonstration.


Some visitors, obviously, wanted to remain incognito. I bet Mr Mask wanted to book a flight to Venice.

Other delegations included Indonesia, Turkey, Croatia, Iran.

In addition to stands promoting destinations and services, there were meetings, talks and presentations. One person is of special importance: V. Vitkauskas. He is the first mountain climber to be awarded the diploma of honour of the international Fair Play Committee for participating in the rescue of the body of Pasang Lhamu, the leader of the Nepalese Women Everest Expedition from Mt. Everest. He was the first to raise the Lithuanian national flag on the highest peaks of all the continents.

That's THE flag.

The Nepalese delegates and Mr Vitkauskas surely have what to talk about.
There were many interesting stands and many interesting meetings, it's a shame I cannot describe them all. But I want to invite you to come to Lithuania and tap into our tourism resources. We have beautiful nature, clean water in springs people can drink on their hikes, beautiful cities with historical heritage, good food and great beer (if The New York Times says our beer is good, it's good, trust me).

I really enjoyed visiting this event and networking with representatives from different stands. I took my business cards to give out and I hope I have made some useful contacts. The general impression is that few places work with travel bloggers or do press info-tours in general, so I need to work more on promoting cooperation between destinations and the media.

Have you ever visited a travel trade fair?

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